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RoyalMn focuses on the blockchain data center industry and has been researching cryptocurrency technology for more than 8 years. It has invested in the construction of 30 blockchain data centers in Eastern Europe, the United States, Canada and South America, with a power supply of more than 700MW and a hosting scale of more than 360,000 mining machines. Through real mining machines and hash power services, users' income is transparent, and the purchase plan is flexible. RoyalMn is committed to providing transparent, convenient and secure first-class services to global users. Contact us immediately and start mining and making money right away!


24-hour stability

Before shipment, all mining machines go through uninterrupted testing for more than 48 hours to ensure mining stability.

Reliable debugging technology

A stable mining rig can create a stable source of income. As experienced professionals, RoyalMn will ensure that the machine is optimised for the best results.

More than 8 years of technical experience

As a team, we have vast experience in constructing mines of different scales. With this knowledge, RoyalMn will make sure to design the most suitable mining rig for your needs.

Our advantage

1、Low cost, low risk, just a click of the order can participate in mining to make money

2、Earnings are settled in real time, the data is clear and transparent, and withdrawals do not require any fees.

3、Automatic mining, flexible terms, there are many options for you to choose.

4、Professional team support to provide first-class service for global users

5、We are online 24 hours, our users are from all over the world, you can communicate in real time with our professional customer service

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24 hours a day

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